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As I have mentioned in my last post, the next time I’d write I would give thoughts about my travel resolutions for 2012. So, I started thinking about my last trips in 2011, and what a better way to decide about the future than revising the past.?! 😉

First stop in 2011, more specifaclly Brasil, was the state of Minas Gerais, located in the SouthEast part of the country!

Minas Gerais state - located in Brasil Map

Minas Gerais – SETUR – State Secretary for Tourism in Minas Gerais
MINAS GERAIS (MG) – The state occupies a strategic position in the middle of the most highly developed part of Brazil. Belo Horizonte, the capital, is the hub of a dense road/rail transportation network, and thus have easy access to other major urban centers as well the country side with it natural resources.
Exploring the Historical Towns along the Royal Road

The area I have explored in the state of Minas is called the HISTORIC CITIES (There is history, culture, religiosity, nature and gastronomy), and my first stop was the city of Tiradentes.

Tiradentes - One of the most beautiful and homogeneous baroque collection of Minas Gerais

One of the most charming historic cities of the state; to walk through its streets is to try out a taste of the past. Thanks to its rich historic heritage, the city is usually chosen as a film set for the recording of films and miniseries from that period.

Igreja de Santo Antonio - St. Anthony's Church

It is considered the second richest church in Brazil in the amount of gold leaf interior details and one of the most beautiful baroque temples. The facade was projected by master Aleijadinho and has also a Sun clock in the churchyard and an organ from the 17th century, considered one of the fifteen most important in the world.

Restaurants: Teatro da Vilahttp://www.theatrodavilla.com.br/index.php?secao=teatro

Emporio Santo Antonio:


Accommodation: While there, we have stayed at the Pousada Solar das Pontes – Largo das Mercês , s/n – Tiradentes – MG, Tel +55 32 3355-1255 – http://www.roteirosdecharme.com.br/hotel.php?lang=2&hotel=7

Pousada Solar da Ponte - Historical Town • Tiradentes - Minas Gerais

Room at charming pousada Solar da Ponte

Congonhas do Campo, MG
The next stop was 40 minutes away from Tiradentes, the city of Congonhas, notable known for its basilica – the Santuário do Bom Jesus do Matosinhos.

The Church, at the top of a hill in Congonhas, was created by Aleijadinho, one of the best artists in the baroque style in the world. The twelve sculptures of old testament prophets around the terrace are considered amongst his finest work.

Church Igreja Bom Jesus do Matosinho - Congonhas, MG

Stone soad sculpture

One of the 12 prophets arranged in the churchyard and made of soapstone.

At Santuário do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos (Shrine of the Good Jesus from Matosinhos, there are 78 life-sized sculptures, among them 12 prophets arranged in the churchyard, and another 66 wooden figures, representing the steps of the Passion of Christ.

6 Chapels held the wooden figures representing the Passion Of Christ passage

Christ carrying the cross - is one of the 66 wooden life-sized sculptures

Inside of the small chapels