If I have to go back in time, I wouldn’t go to February this year, which was the last time I wrote in this blog, but back to January 1st 2014. That time of the year, when we think/set our goals ahead and establish what would we like to achieve. My main goal was/is to cultivate a lot of COURAGE> Courage to face old issues, move ahead,and change myself. I guess, I’m accomplishing that… since I’ve been facing so many obstacles, since then.

Turning obstacles into opportunities!

Turning obstacles into opportunities!

At first, we feel discouraged… ,maybe think that we would not be able to pass this phase, and then, start asking those questions : “Why me?, why is this happening to me?”

Now, I understand that I will not find the answer written anywhere else, and that focusing on that may be a waist of time, as well as getting anger (even though, for many it’s part of the discovery process but this is for the next topic). Mainly: More than ever I got that Sh…t can happen to anyone, bad and good people. Learn with the situations where I have/had control, but those that I have no control… I just have to STOP trying to find answers and face them.

So, instead of throwing everything I have learned so far out of the window, I focused on a few things first when I had to face big obstacles. Because big obstacles usually do not come alone 🙂 they bring all their baggage: discomfort and emotions with them.

– take a deep breath, even better: 3 deep breaths – as it usually shift our minds attention momentarily. Then you can actually try to focus, which gives us time to remember that those are feelings, and they come and go. Resistance will not help.

– and find a safe place! It could be someone you feel comfortable with or a physical location, somewhere you can open up to others, ask for help, or recall what have you been learning and practicing. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, unless you choose to be.



I got back stronger to my spiritual practices (I’ve been practicing Buddhism for the pas 3 years), and reinforced that with some visits to a new center, where I could learn meditation, and join weekly seminars on different topics. I decided to incorporate what I believe is best for me, there’s not only one right thing to do… As I said: find YOUR safe place.  🙂

Having my youngest brother in the hospital for such a long time (between a lot back and forth), it has been 5 months so far, completely shook me up: a lot of fear, anxiety, and other unpleasant… But with those also came an Opportunity to Change My Live for the Better…

"Life's up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you ."