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Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said— “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Because the Biggest change you can make is in your HEART!

Deep deep down, I knew that I could change, but what a journey!!! A lot of work, and for many, many times I thought I could not handle it. It took me a long period to understand and that’s the point the you have to recognize that you can ask for help,  you are not alone and that you can bring closer to you a support system.

But in order to get to that point, you need to see first that there’s a problem, or better say,: there’s something that you do not enjoy that much and voile you want to change. You need to admit that you are not perfect [and that this totally fine, and you may never be perfect, and actually that’s the beauty of life], but  you are enough and there’s room to grow, room to improve. And at least for me, when admit that I was able to look outside for help.

In my practice, we learn that the self that appears to our mind which seems that it is separate from us, thas its only life ( all the voices: you are not good enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough (too thin, too fat..)… actually DO NOT EXIST. Our mind, our self grasping/ignorant/ego creates those “preconceived” ideas and we believe those. And that’s a huge misunderstanding, because we keep our entire lives believing that!

Then to make things even more difficult, we cling to those ideas, try to protect these delusions and wait for externals matters, phenomena, and people to change our perspective about ourselves. We look for external things to prove us wrong, and over and over we find ourselves disappointed , hurt, frustrated. For example: id we have a self-worth issue: it’s the job that did not validate me, the love that did not give me the love I needed and so on.

So bottom line: we believe those illusions, we think that those are fixed, this is who we are and that we cannot change, and to complicate matters, we want something from outside ourselves to make us believe that those are not true.


Why keeping treating you badly, keeping believing and keep rehearsing the same negative stories over and over again in your head. Understand that at the end we are creating these ideas, they are not existing out of nowhere. So, ignorance only has power when you believe it!

“One  never hears  without opening one’s mind (heart).”

Open your heart! Believe the positive, believe that you are an unique, precious human being and that those thoughts are just thoughts. The powerful inner force you have inside yourself is much, but much more graceful … and you just need to open to that, that’s what you need to listen to! 

Dare to change, and if you cannot do it alone (which chances are you can’t), ask for help, extend your hand… Everything is going to be alright! 🙂

Going back to Ghandi, if you want to see the change in the World, we have to start somewhere, and this somewhere is inside ourselves, especially how we relate to ourselves, our perception about who we are!

Change yourself and change the world!