Continuing the process of inner transformation, my biggest challenge has always been the unknown, how to deal with it… and this week could not been different. I wish all the same courage to embrace your challenges! 🙂

TIP – I am reading an incredible book: “A Fearless Heart”, by Thupten Jinpa – (He is President of  Institute of Tibetan Classics; Chairman of Mind and Life Institute; and long-time principal English translator to H H the Dalai Lama.) The book touch basis on fear and courage and for me shows a path to better deal with the unknown by using courage and  compassion to transform lives.

There’s a quote that called my attention: The two things we can change are how we define ourselves as individuals and the sense of connection we feel with others. (The stronger our sense of separateness, the weaker our feeling of connections with others; paradoxically, the less we feel connected with ourselves.)

Manhattan view from Long Island City, NY

Manhattan view from Long Island City, NY

Worth reading it!

An awesome day!