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Writing my first post in my new home. Ehhhhhhhhhhhh  🙂

As usual a lot happened during this past months. I didn’t feel inspired at all to say anything. Many emotions up in the air, dealing with past, fear of failure, success and of course the Unknown.But vulnerability continues a top priority, and while having that in mind, I realized that is time to address the old issues. How not to freeze, or run when everything seems so overwhelmed.  Also having in mind : compassion, Patience and Acceptance – Over, and Over and Over again during this new process.brene-brown-cultivate-love-Anzio-by-Moyan-BrennWithin this time I just gave me permission to feel (instead of pushing away), to make mistakes (meaning: I have to take risks more and more) and to go back on track (instead of feeling despair only)… I will probably will fall again, but hey what can I say: I am learning  🙂 🙂