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 Losar Tashi Delek – Happy Tibetan New Year! 

2017 – The Year of the Firing Rooster!

I found the Nalandabodhi NY Buddhist Center, when I attended of one of the seminars from the Real Happiness Meditation Challenge. Which by the way finishes tomorrow –  Feb 28, and there’s a last seminar and closing party at Insight Meditation Society.

I went to the seminar and at the end of the teaching, I signed up to their newsletter. This is a place I have never been before and wanted to check the calendar for new events and future learning opportunities. 

Two weeks ago, I got their message mentioning  the Losar Celebration – Losar Tashi Delekthe Tibetan New Year. I immediately wanted to go. 🙂 But later on,  realized that I was supposed to help someone on that night.

 I let go of the idea, to find out yesterday night that my cousin would not need me tonight. 🙂 So I could attend, but not without some resistance… (I’m not glorifying resistance, but recognizing its existence. Whenever you try to experience something new –  there’s always that voice giving excuses, creating obstacles, and so on..) . My suggestions: give some space,  accept the resistance :),  don’t judge and #PERSIST!

And today for my surprise, after not sleeping very well, but being in a good mood …. and debating a few times  about going home after work, I decided to go to the Nalandabhodi Center.  ( I had sooo much love♥ flowing inside me  that I needed to listen to my heart and move forward. *Yes, I had to watch my thought as per not put this love and good feelings outside myself, meaning as a result for an external cause, but recognizing this calm and blissful feeling coming from inside.)

When I got there, and saw the colourful little flags, I realized: It’s about time to celebrate the New Year! Celebrate Life! That was all that love inside myself was calling for! ♥

It was the celebration I did not have on Dec 31, due to my painful state of body and mind, during the  wisdom tooth infection episode and other things that shook me to my core ( unfortunatelly, letting external things determine my happiness, another lesson to master…).

It was a time for meditation, prayers,  video message from Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche , chatting, music, singing, wine – Oh yes, :); food and more chatting. I am not super comfortable in environments where I do not know anyone, but I felt pretty secured there, and enjoyed myself.

I am very grateful for giving myself this present, to allow me to have that experience (#healing) . Also I want to give a big thanks to the warm welcoming vibe from members of the center. I hope to come back soon.

And I am sure that one of the reasons that I was able to enjoy this moment, was the fact that I faced some pretty dark challenges (most mental) yesterday… but this is for another post.

To close… one analogy of this year animal zodiac symbol, the Firing Rooster, is the ability of it (rooster) to wake us up. Perhaps something that we all need – To Wake Up from the trance, to Get Out of the Bubble (of pre-conceived ideas). Buddhist or not, that’s the idea: